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If you're searching for counseling in the Central Florida area, I'm still here, just transitioned to a new organization. Connect with me at Fieldstone Counseling here


I don't remember a time when I've been grateful for my body. There are many reasons for this I suppose, some of which I'll likely never understand. Growing up, I played softball in grade school, volleyball and basketball in middle school and high school. I knew my body was capable of doing challenging things. I didn't think I was particul...Read More

It's not lost on me that these soul troubles are all words beginning with the letter "d." We find similar vocabulary in the scriptures as we look at how sorrow and sin affects the human heart....Read More

Over the past four years, Beholding & Becoming has served over one hundred people throughout Volusia County, providing Christ centered, clinically informed, compassionate counseling. We've always sought to make our services accessible to anyone seeking hope in the midst of hardships. ...Read More