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Testimonials & Endorsements


Perhaps you are wondering why a place like Beholding & Becoming is needed. Why do we need to seek biblical counsel for our troubles? Why should we as Christians make efforts to become skilled counselors, even when that is not our career calling? I will let the Christian Counseling guru David Powlison answer that! He has said, "You are always counseling others in your life, whether you realize it or not."

In other words, in every conversation we have, we are either counseling people towards Christ or away from Christ. We are offering our friends, family and co-workers either self-help or we are reminding them they are helpless but Christ is all sufficient! Our words are never neutral, we are constantly counseling others.

The bad news is, we often counsel people using the Law - forgetting that the law can no more sanctify us than it can justify us. People come to us hurting and suffering from Anxiety and we drop Matthew 6 on them and remind them, "It's a sin to be anxious" to which they remind us "Exactly, that is the reason why I have come to you asking for help!"

Our counseling is often Law-focused and therefore devoid of the power to really help people change - and that is where B&B comes in. We want to equip every church member to be able to winsomely apply the Present Power of the Death of Christ to every sin, addiction, ailment in the church. We want to remind people that it takes Christ to live the Christian life - and through the Gospel - we are more than conquerors! ​

Jeff Eckert

Pastor at GraceLife Beachside Church | B&B Board Member



"I came to Beholding & Becoming seeking godly counsel during a very difficult time in my marriage. I was looking for someone that could understand and sympathize, but would also give me Christ-centered counsel and that is what I found. Melissa became a friend. I found that I could come and openly share my struggles and weaknesses to her without feeling shamed or condemned. She prayed with me, she listened, and then she offered counsel that was both real and practical while balancing that with the truth of God's word. I am forever grateful for the ministry of Beholding & Becoming Counseling." 

"The women's C.A.R.E. Gathering was peaceful, welcoming and full of biblical wisdom. This was a lovely time to learn from, encourage, and be encouraged amongst other women. It was refreshing and sweet to hear the testimonies of God's tranforming love." 

"The counseling I received from Beholding & Becoming began my healing and mental restoration. I was in such a dark place for so long I did not think anyone could relate or understand. When I met with my counselor from B&B, she spoke with kindness and truth. She carefully heard my honesty and always responded with gentleness and thoughts that truly helped my soul. God used Beholding & Becoming to rescue me from the torment I was experiencing in my min and heart."

"Excellent training event! Thorough and equipping. I am eager to meditate on these nuggets as I pray how I might apply them. Thank you!"

"I thank you for the work you do for God, and the recognition that I am His as well. It is healing my marriage, and it is at work in me. Looking forward to 'growing in Christ'. I've heard that all of my life and never knew what it meant."

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your efforts. It was instructional, edifying, and very encouraging. I've been reading through the notebook since I left. May God bless your endeavors!"

"God so graciously used Beholding & Becoming as a means of grace to help me through a very dark time in my life. When life seemed so unclear and overcome with pain, I was counseled with the truth of God's Word and always pointed to Christ. I strongly encourage anyone who is experiencing difficulties in life to reach out to Beholding & Becoming."

"The Lord knows how much I truly needed this counseling small group. I have found God again in my life, and I have you to thank for that. You have truly blessed me!"