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Archives for March 2018

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Poisons into medicine


The hand of God is so strong, and His wisdom is so admirable, that He turns to our profit and advantage not only the evils which are caused by cross events, or by the world, but those which we commit ourselves, and that seem to be contrary to our salvation, even those which we are guilty of. He changes these poisons into medicine, these scandals into edification, and from ...

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Singleness in Community

you're not alone

It's easy to make our hard harder than the next person. We all compare our trials. And every person's hard is legitimately hard to them. My aim in drawing attention to these stats is not to hold up singleness or single parenting as the hardest thing. But I will say that this is one of the main things that brings unmarried women into the counseling room. Loneliness and wear...

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She knows my sin


My heart is quick – and eager – to return to its previous ways. Sins that I thought had been overcome seem to be stirred up in an instant, and rear themselves into my life with fresh zeal....

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God's ways are opposite


There is a pattern we find in Scripture. Things we assume to be one way, are turned upside down. It's the opposite of what seems natural. In human terms, we operate on conditions and assumptions of how we know the system typically works. Our experience tells us we can count on these assumptions; assumptions pressed into us from the world....

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A lesson in emotions from the life of Helen Roseveare


For nearly twenty years, Helen Roseveare served as a missionary in the Republic of Congo, establishing medical services in the remote village of Ibambi. She persevered despite periods of civil unrest, lack of resources, and even amidst the revealing of personal weaknesses and failures, which sometimes threatened to undo her. In most biographical descriptions of Helen’s l...

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